Deep Dwellings A6 Sticker Decal Set
Deep Dwellings A6 Sticker Decal Set

Deep Dwellings A6 Sticker Decal Set

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Personalise and 'tattoo’ your stuff with our Deep Dwellings A6 whale sticker decal set. Containing 7 stickers in a set, the whales from Deep Dwellings stickers are ready to mingle and adorn the surfaces of your home and things!

  • All stickers are approximately 6-6.5cm in length
  • Waterproof, fade-proof and scratch-proof
  • ‘Tattoo-effect’: Full-coloured illustrations with clear border allows for seamless blending with surface
  • Printed on opaque white ink, illustrations appear equally vibrant on both light and dark surfaces 
  • Can be removed cleanly and repositioned without leaving any sticky residue
  • These high-quality sticker decals can also be used on stationery, mirrors, glass, bottles, and most flat and smooth surfaces (just make sure you wipe it clean and dry first)
  • Each sticker decal sheet is A6 in size


The whales decal sticker set from the Deep Dwellings collection features the Beluga, Dwarf Minke whale, Humpback whale, Gray whale, Blue whale, Sperm whale and Narwhal. Each whale is meticulously painted by Esther, an artist based in Singapore, taking hours of work to create the intricate and unique details of each creature.